“If we make something our own, it is only to administer it for the good of all. If we do not, we burden our consciences with the weight of having denied the existence of others.”
— His Holiness Pope Francis, Laudato si' (Chapter 2, paragraph 94)

In order to achieve our goal of empowering one million families to remain in their homes by 2021, we are securing new, specific and measurable Commitments to Impact. Last year, The Laudato sì Challenge secured 12 Commitments to Impact, which has the potential to improve the lives of an estimated 12.6 million forcibly-displaced people.


“ORACLE is proud to make the following Commitment to Impact as we help put the principles of Laudato si' into action: Oracle commits to provide a unique business accelerator program to reach at least 50,000 youth entrepreneurs by 2021, as a way to prevent forced displacement the world over by enabling employment opportunities, and creating a mutually beneficial business-building partnerships for startups, our customers, and Oracle. It starts with free cloud credits and expands to a rich collaboration with opportunities to engage with Oracle’s vast network of mentors, product experts, and customers. Together we hope to create a virtuous cycle of innovation, business outcomes, and uplifting humanity in a manner that eliminates human suffering and poverty proactively and permanently. Through the use of innovative technologies like Blockchain, AI, and Analytics, Oracle wants to solve billion-dollar food industry production problem, revitalize our planet by promoting the use of renewable energy, and enable equitable distribution of relief services to deprived areas, so that we may come together to build a world "that leaves no one behind." —Sarabjeet (Jay) Singh Chugh, Senior Director of Products

ASPIRATION is proud to commit to open a socially-conscious, sustainable, Pay What Is Fair-fee deposit account for 50,000 vulnerable and displaced people in America by 2021 — to help build a world that leaves no one behind. We thank the Laudato sì Challenge for recognizing the enormous power that financial institutions that are built on conscience and service can have in lifting up all those in need.” —Andrei Cherny, CEO, Aspiration

UULALA commits to leveraging our blockchain technology to include one million unbanked migrants and refugees in Latin America into the global economy by 2020.” —Oscar Garcia, CEO, Uulala

OPES FUND commits €30 million to catalyze and support 1,500 refugee-founded/run businesses in Italy by 2020.” —Elena Casolari, Founder & CEO, Opes Fund

AMAZON WEB SERVICES commit to providing each of the top 15 companies in The Laudato si Challenge with $40,000 in AWS promotional credits and technical support to help these entrepreneurs scale their solutions in the cloud.” —David Levy, VP, US Government and Non-Profits, Amazon Web Services

With the support of The Laudato si' Challenge ecosystem, by 2021, BOX.ORG commits to empowering, through technology, 100 for-profit and NGO's working to prevent forced displacement and the people it burdens-- Together we'll 'build a world that leaves no one behind". —Bryan Breckenridge, Senior Director & Executive Director, Box.org

THE SWISS IMPACT INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION commit to launching a $1 billion ‘Fund For Rain’ to prevent forced displacement by bringing rain to 13 countries in Africa, through the Weathertec Technology.” —Klaus-Michael Christensen, Swiss Impact Investment Association

ICON is honored to participate in The Laudato sì Challenge and is committed to creating 10 beautiful and dignified 3D-printed homes for families who are vulnerable to forced migration. We hope to see this scale from there and we call upon The Laudato sì Challenge, its partners and the Church to help us fulfill this important commitment by 2021, as we come together to ‘build a world that leaves no one behind.’” —Evan Loomis, Co-Founder, ICON

“By 2020, HAU THERAPEUTICS commit to providing clinically-effective mental heath care to 50,000 adolescent and youth refugees and internally-displaced people and their parents, as the pilot for a 2021 rollout to 500,000 adolescent and youth refugees and internally-displaced people and their parents, and 45 million in 2025.” —Jennifer Paradis Behle, Founder & CEO, HAU Therapeutics

“To help fulfill The 2019 Laudato si’ Challenge mission to prevent forced displacement, MANDULIS ENERGY commits to working with a funding partner and a faith-sector partner, to help 200,000 farming families, in sub-Saharan Africa — beginning with Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana — to improve their incomes, and to access affordable, reliable and sustainable energy, so that they may remain where they want to be: their homes.” — Peter Nyeko, CEO, Mandulis Energy

BNP PARIBAS has the ambition to contribute to more sustainable and better-shared growth and aims in particular to reach by 2020 a total volume of 1 million paid solidarity hours worldwide; In this framework, BNP Paribas will support one or more social enterprise winners of the Laudato sì Challenge with strategic guidance or other staff volunteering initiatives  subject to accurate due diligence. BNP Paribas is fully committed to bring a better future. We want to be the Bank that supports innovation and solutions that build a world leaving no one behind”. —Antoine Sire, Head of Company Engagement, BNP Paribas

SMART YIELDS commits to helping 100 farming communities and 1,000,000 food insecure by connecting farming communities through shared data and value processing by solving workforce development though food." —Vincent Kimura, CEO, Smart Yields

“HERE GLOBAL RELIEF digital treatment technology commits to empowering 1 million vulnerable people, through conflict resolution, by 2021--in partnership with one leading corporation, in confederation with one humanitarian organization (such as The Jesuit Refugee Service,) and in union with God’s Infinite Grace for the triumph of humanity. —Laurie Ann Levin, Founder & CEO, HereGlobalRelief.org

"THE INTERNATIONAL BATESON INSTITUTE commits to help prevent forced displacement by hosting 50 Warm Data Labs around the world, by 2021, to better understand the interdependencies and systemic issues of forced displacement--and to develop a clear action plan based on our findings, so that we may help to build a world that leaves no one behind." —Nora Bateson, Founder, International Bateson Institute

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